Peat can be cut be hand or with maschines. You need three person to cut the peat. The first one cuts the peat with a small spade, with the broad spade or a fork is the peat put out of the moss and then it will be stored for about one year to dry up. All the peat is needed will be cut between mai and juni. The extreme peat taste comes from the chemical group of the phenols. Peat moss are up to 10.000 years old and up to 9 meter thick. Peat contents heather, moss and different types of gras. In the 1930s many distilleries bought their peat from Pitsligo in Aberdeenshire because it was hard like coal with a pungent smell. Peat from the lowlands is loose, soft, fast burning and heavy smoking. The peat from the island near the sea is salty with seaweady and therefore very iodic. There are three categories of phenolcontent during the kilning: 1-5 ppm phenol is slightly peated, 10-20 ppm phenol is medium peated and 30-50 ppm phenol is heavy peated. The island of Islay exists two third on peat moss.