The lowland malts are mild, sweat, flowery with hints of fruit and lighter than highland malts. Rosebank and Auchentoshan are triple distilled. The lowland malts form the background in the blends. Robert Burns called it for its bad quality a despicable spirit. There where very big stills allowed through the law of 1784 and the distilleries used mixed mashes. There were about 215 known lowland distilleries and the first one should have been founded in 1741. Every little place had its own distillery between 1795 and 1850 but nearly all the whisky was grain whisky. After 1777 there were more exports to england where the spirit was rectified to gin. Yoker in Glasgow produced until 1880 with the Stein still malt whisky but with very less flavour. The biggest stills in the business were installed at Dundashill 1880.