Islay Malts are double pungent once from the peat and another one from the seaweedyaroma. Islay contains to a big part of peat. The peaty water is used very often for the steeping. When you come to Islay with the ferry you can see four distilleries: Ardbeg, Lagavulin, Laphroig and the lost Port Ellen. The malts of the south part of Islay are very salty and pungent. On Islay live about 4000 citizens, since the Stone Age there lived here the picts, the gaelic and the norwegians (vikings). In the 15th century Islay was the seat of the Lord of the Isles. It has been sold 1614 by the MacDonalds and in 1727 Daniel Campbell bought the island for 9000 pound. Islay believed more than 125 years the Campbells who supported the distillation. Frederick Campbell was involved in building up more than a dozen distilleries. In 1841 ordered the royals a cask of best Islay mountain dew at Campbell of Shawfiel which included 21 yo old Cragabus, the best Islay Malt to that time. The peat covers about 16000 acres and the peat varies from dark brown to nearly black. Islay is maybe in scotland the place where distillation has been done for the first time.