Campeltown has been founded 1609 by Archibald Campbel. 1794 there were 22 illict distilleries in the town and 10 in the nearby region and before 1823 there were only three legal distilleries. Between 1823 and 1834 there were registered 27 distilleries and in 1824 there was a production of 3,5 mio litre alcohol done by 25 distilleries. At Barnards visit 1887 there stand 21 distilleries in production, employing 250 people with an anual output of 10 mio litre of whisky. This was the hightime of Campeltown and therefore it was called the whisky centre. The character of the whisky is salty, pungent through the peat with an oily style. After the change of the blendmaster to the speyside whisky´s for their blends there was a continous declining of the distilleries. The bad quality of the bootleg whisky during the prohibition gave the region the deathblow. 1930 there were only Springbank, Glen Scotia and Rieclachan (which closed down in 1934) remaining. Campeltown is one of the places in scotland where distillation took at first it´s place. Ireland is only 19 km away.