The 1st Austrian Scoth Whisky Museum has been founded in september 2001 by Chev. Thomas Neuhauser CSA, MLA.
The main part of the museum is the collection of more than 1000 different bottles of Thomas Neuhauser. In the collection you can find single malts dating back until 1889, single grains, blended whisky´s, vat´s and liquer whisky. Beneath the bottles you can also find extensive material like glasses, water jugs, mirrors, the ingredients of whisky, pictures and photos. There is also a multimedia show of scotland and it´s distilleries on video on pc.

The museum is normally open at weekend after calling up Thomas Neuhauser on 0043 664 5159843. The museum is situated in the old Lehermayrhof

A-4221 Steyregg, Weissenwolffstraße 14

The entry fee is EUR 12,50 per person and children under 10 years go for free.

Outside area