The End

The absolutely highlight of the day started at 22:00 when Jim McEwan showed us a scottish dance. The first ten minutes was only try and error but after that time we all got it and it was a great pleasure for all. All in all we can say that Jim was very private this evening and he enjoyed himself. When he left the event he said: "Thomas today we write some kind of austrian history. It was a great pleasure and a fabulous day. Congratulations and keep going on." Jim was here in austria for the first time but for sure not for the last time. He promised to support us with some special whisky´s of Bruichladdich and for that reason we will build up our own range of outstanding whisky. He was the hero of that day and as he left everbody got very sad and dissapointed.

At 24:00 the ceremony found it´s end and with the help of our friends from abroad all the cleaning up has been done very quickly. So we could sit down until 3:00 in the morning with some good drams and we spoke about god and the whisky world. At this point we have to thank all of our guest which make this evening to a pleasureful event and we hope you all enjoyed it as well as we did.

Whisky the fabulous drug
Many thanks to mama