From about 17:00 there was the possibility to taste whisky in it´s differents styles. UDV Austria presented the whole Classic Malt and Johnnie Walker range, Pernod Ricard served Aberlour, Glenlivet and Chevas Regal in different bottlings and Bacardi Austria had it´s own barkeeper here. Mr. Bär from Vienna mixed some kind of cocktails like Rob Roy and Rusty Nail with Ballantines and the malts from the Heritage Collection. The guests got also the chance to taste some fine cigars from the austrian tabacco company to show them the perfect harmony between cigars and single malt whisky.

Another highlight was the celebration of the International Order of St. Andrews which honoured some members for there work. Jim McEwan became a honoury knight of the order and Thomas Neuhauser was knighted this day. Thomas Neuhauser honoured five person with the museum badge in gold and the diploma of thanks for their engagement and support of the whisky museum. The first was Johann Wagner who was the thriving force in creating and building up the drunken Harley, the unique and only scottish styled Harley Davidson in the world. Gerald Petschl from Pero Computers received the award for his support in creating the homepage of the whisky museum. Without his support and his ideas there was no possibility to build up such a strong information page. Prof. Helmuth Bräundle Falkensee, GMSA, Laird of Bladnock und Lochanbards, was honoured for his help in starting up the museum. He designed the badge of the museum and found some companies which supported the museum from the beginning. Our friend Jim McEwan was honoured for his engagement in austria and for being here at the opening ceremony because he played a key role at this event. Last but not least received family Witzmann this award for their generosity and help to make this evening a remarkable event in austrian whisky history.

And if they are not drunken they will keep on smiling
Three austrian scotsman
Mathias Grabner and Helmut Bräundle Falkensee GMSA
Not my ears
For how long will he be smiling
Johann Wagner
Gerald Petschl
Mag. Peter Witzmann