20th century

In 1905 seven judges dicided in London/Islington that only pot still whisky was allowed to call authentic scotch whisky. Dewars established the White Label in 1906. Between 1908 and 1909 were 37 reunions with 116 witness. After that a royal commission decided that blended and malt whisky´s were allowed to call whisky. Whisky is a spirit distilled from barley and other grains. A Scotch must be produced and matured in Scotland. In 1909 Johnnie Walker created the Red Label and the Black Label. In 1913 was the stopper cork invented, before that all bottles were sealed like wine bottles. The minimum maturation time of three years for malt, grain and blends was defined in 1915. The law does only say that whisky has to be matured in wooden cask but it doesn´t define the wood type itself. Scotch Whisky must be distilled with a maximum alcohol content of 94,80% (in patent still, pot stills are lower alcohol contents).

Lloyed George set up a spirit commission which controlled the maximum alcohol content of whisky of 26% in ordnance region and 40% anywhere else. The Whisky Association was founded in 1917. On the 16.1.1920 all pubs in the USA closed down and the prohibition lastet until 1933. During World War 1 there were only eight distilleries which had to supply the americans with illict spirit. Scotland was not prepared for the big american thirst but smuggeling became a big business in these days. In 1920 there were again 130 distilleries on steam and the whisky imports of the Bahamas rose from 540.000 litres in 1918 to 1,7 mio litres in 1922. Haig amalgamated with the DCL in 1924, Buchanan, Dewars and Walker in 1925. White Horse invented the screw cap in 1926 and was bought by the DCL in 1927. During the big crash in the 1930s there were only eight distilleries in operation.

In 1941 sunk the SS Politician at Eriskay and the story found its place in WHISKY GALORE from Sir Compton Mackenzie. All grain distilleries were closed down in 1941, in 1941 there were 72 malt distilleries, in 1942 44 and between 1943 and 1944 there was none in operation. Distillation on sunday was allowed for the first time in 1945 and in 1960 the Scotch Whisky Association was founded. Gilbey and J&B turned to International Distillers and Vinters in 1962. DCL established the whisky cellar range (Lagavulin, Rosebank, Lochnagar and Talisker) in 1975. Four new distilleries were built in 1976 - Auchroisk, Pittyvaich, Allt a Bhainne and Braeval. Many amalgamations and rationalsm during the 1980s in fact of over capacities and the rezession. The DCL closed 21 distilleries in 1983-1985 to dry out the WHISKYLOCH. The Keepers of the Quich were founded in 1988 and in the same year the Classic Malts came on the market.

In 1994 the heritage selection of Chevas appeared with Longmorn, Glen Keith, Strathisla and Benriach. Production is in 1995 about 160 mio litres with a value of 2,276 mrd pound for all scotch exports. The biggest market today is europe with Spain, France, Italy and Germany. 96% of the market is for blended whisky and the small rest is for single malt whisky.