Chev. Thomas Neuhauser KSA, MLA born on 27.09.1969 in Wels/Upperaustria started collecting whisky in 1986. The first bottle was a Ballantines 12 yo and in the following years the collection raise steadily. On his tripīs all over the world Neuhauser got more bottles and a bigger knowledge about the water of life. In fact of the articles written in newspapers and brought on radio and tv stations the people wanted to see the collection and therefore the museums was officially founded in september 2001.
Thomas Neuhauser is president of the "Society of the austrian whiskyfriends" which he founded in 2004. For his work and engagement in austria for scotland and itīs whisky he was knighted by the International Order of St. Andrews. Thomas is also known as the Laird of Grainneglen with a square foot of land in scotland and he is also member of the Lairds Assembly. The deep love to scotland is also expressed through his kilt in the colours of the Stewart and his membership in the Stewart Society. As a friend of Laphroig, a friend of Aberlour and a friend of the Classic Malts he is looking to make whisky more popular in austria. Many well known people from the business like Jim McEwan, Stuart Thomson, Stuart Hendry, Fred and Stewart Laing etc. are personel friends of Thomas.