Whyte & Mackay

James Whyte and Charles Mackay founded their whisky store in Glasgow in 1882 and a short time after they launched their blend onto the market. The vattings of the Single Malts and the Single Grain were married over a few months in oak casks. Dalmore distillery was bought in 1960 and the company was sold later on to the Scottish & Universal Investment Trust. In 1990 it was sold to the cigarette company Gallagher which took over later the Invergordon Group too. In 1997 it was renamed in JBB Greater Europe, named after Jim Beam Brands, and from this moment on Whyte & Mackay was no more existing as company. Only the brand name is still existing. In 1994 Richard Paterson created a special blend for the 500 birthday of scottish whisky and it was called the „500 Anniversary Blend“, which won the competition souvereign.