J & B

The italian Giacomo Justerini came to London in 1749 to meet the opera star Margherita Bellino. He opend up a store and in 1779 he launched the first advertisement for whisky. Justerini went back to Italy with his wife Margherita and in 1831 Alfred Brooks bought the store. He renamed it in Justerini & Brooks. After the prohibition in the USA the company launched the brand J&B and got there internationl fame. The later actor David Niven became a sales representative after he had worked for Ballantine´s. J&B amalgamated with W.&A. Gilbey to IDV in 1962 and in 1998 they became with Guinness to UDV. J&B is available in many different bottlings and ages and it is the second most sold scotch whisky world wide. The J&B Ultima was launched in 1994 for the 500 birthday of scotch whisky and it contains 116 differen Single Malts and 12 different Single Grains.