Black & White / Buchanan

In 1879 James Buchanan became a sales agent for Charles Mackinlay in London. 1884 he opend up his own business and was one of the first who sold whisky in bottles. His blend named at first "The Buchanan Blend", it was named then "The House of Commons Blend". But everybody asked only for the black bottle with the white label and so he called it then "The Black & White". In fact of his big success he bought the blending company of Lowrie, built up Glentauchers distillery and bought Convalmore distillery. He amalgamated in 1915 with Dewar´s to Scotch Whisky Brands to be stronger against the DCL.

In 1924 James Buchanan became as the first Whisky baron Lord Woolavington. 1925 his imperium was taken over by the DCL. Glentauchers belongs today to Allied Domecy and Black & White is a UDV Blend. The brand is well known for it´s two terriers - the black Scotch Terrier and the white West Highland White Terrier.