In 1827 the 18 years old George Ballantines opened up his foodstore in Edinburgh where he also sold highland whisky. 1836 he transferred his store to the centre of Edinburgh. With his three sons Archibald, George and Daniel he founded his whiskystore in Glasgow. The sherry casks from the wine trade became a crucial part with his blended whisky´s. After the death of George Ballantines in 1891 his son George II and his grandson George III took over the store and the got a royal warrant from Queen Victoria in 1895.

They sold the company to Barclay and McKinlay in 1919 which transferred Ballantines & Son into a limited company. The biggest market for Ballantines during the prohibition were the Bahamas and Canada. In 1935 Hiram Walker bought Ballantines and he built up the Dumbarton Distillery near Glasgow to produce the needed grain whisky´s. Today Ballantines belongs to Allied Domecq with around 5 mio. sold cases world wide. The blend is available in different ages and bottlings. The first bottle of the museum was a Ballantines 12yo Gold Seal. One of the most famous sales representatives of Ballantines was the actor David Niven.